Testimonials - Maximize your Profit

During the time I worked with Madge, Thomaston Hospice was able to successfully increase revenue by 56%, increase sales, restructure management, reduce turnover, relocate, created a non-profit foundation, positioned company for change of ownership, and improved my management skills to include total complexity of running a company. Thomaston Hospice dealt with many complex issues and Madge never hesitated to meet all challenges head on.

— Albert A. Hinson, Jr., Thomaston Hospice, Inc.


It is amazing how much Clear Choice has grown and improved. Even better, is how much my leadership skills have increased.

— Michael Higgins, Clear Choice Telephones, Inc.


I decided to hire Madge, not because I didn’t think I could eventually accomplish all my business and financial goals on my own, but rather because I believed that with her help, I could accomplish them faster and more efficiently. I sit here today, three years later, to let you know that it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

— David Gaynes, Gaynes Financial Services


“In all cases, she respects our decisions and us as people.”

— Field Coxe, Savage Pizza.


“She has been much more than a “Consultant” to me. I look at Madge as my Partner to Success”.

— Tim Brenner former owner of The Georgian Plantation Shutter Company


We have reaped tremendous benefits from her services and hail her as a “business saver”. If it were possible to show a before and after picture of our growth there would be no need for captions or dialogue. As if our lack of policy, procedures, and business acumen weren’t enough we added the extra stressors of having five family members in the mix. Still Mrs. Caldwell led us through the proper stages and we have emerged an entirely different company.

— Colin A. Rafferty, V.P. / Op Mgr., The Georgian Plantation Shutter Company


“By following your coaching, even though at times I did not agree, we have been able to turn the direction of the company around and the company revenue has increased 111% since 2000.” (letter dated 4/19/05)

— Bob Gard former owner of The Georgian Plantation Shutter Company


My resounding endorsement of Madge is further exemplified by the fact that, while I was a believer in the benefits of coaching and consulting, I felt strongly that there was not much that could be added to my multi-decades of experience as a leader and business owner with an MBA from a prestigious university, my leadership training as an Air Force officer and my many entrepreneurial experiences.

How wrong I was and how humble I am. The results are clear and demonstrable. I crudely calculate the ROI from our investment in Madge’s expertise is near 400%

— Donald W. Patrick, MBA, CFP, Integrated Financial Group