Maximize your Business

Caldwell & Pate, Inc. is a  consulting firm located in Roswell, GA and has been in business for nineteen years.

Madge Caldwell is the business consultant and her right hand person is Edna Martin.

Madge Caldwell has been dubbed “Magical Madge” by one of her clients, not because she is magical or has a magic wand, but because the results and performance level a person can achieve in a coaching relationship at times seems magical. Almost any winning athlete or team will attest to this exuberant feeling.

Madge has been coaching small business owners, professionals, individual producers, managers and teams for eighteen years. She teaches business management which includes sales, marketing, business and finance, employee management, client management, partnership communications and how to manage all of these areas appropriately for success. Working with clients in different industries allows Madge to interchange different ideas, views, structures, successes and failures with all her clients through that diversity. Since the field of business management is so broad and each person‘s skill level varies, the needs of the client dictate the focus and time of their particular project.